Public Sector

New Reporting Capabilities Provide Visibility and Reduce Costs for Large State Agency

Manual interaction with data always presents the opportunity to compromise its quality, but it also can add significant expense and act as a bottleneck. Our data team was engaged to mitigate challenges associated with processes surrounding data collection and distribution for a large state agency.



Manual data processes limiting the agency’s ability to provide accurate data to key decision makers.


Automate compilation and distribution of data to business leaders.


Develop tailored solutions to automatically deliver data, thereby eliminating manual processes, saving time and yielding cost savings.

The new reports encouraged data-driven decision making and brought data to business leaders more efficiently.


A large state agency was experiencing difficulty distributing accurate data to key decision makers. The client hired analysts to manually compile large amounts of data to distribute to business leaders every month. The data was either subject to human error or was delayed by weeks in quality assurance. Our client knew that these processes could be automated to ensure accuracy and timeliness, all while reducing costs.  


UDig met with department heads to discuss harnessing existing data to unlock business valueAfter learning our client’s business objectives, our consultants developed tailor-made solutions that varied from database-connected Excel worksheets to interactive Tableau reports, automatically delivered at pre-determined intervals with no human interaction required. These reports encouraged data-driven decision making and brought data to business leaders more efficiently than the manual processes that they relied on previously.  

How We Did It

Dashboard UI/UX Design
Data Strategy & Roadmap Design
Interactive BI Application

Tech Stack

  • Tableau
  • SSMS
  • Excel
  • SharePoint