What We Do

Through creative solutions and problem solving, our team enables yours to plan, build, and transform on your path from good to great. You have key business objectives to meet and our technology agnostic and partnership-based approach allows us to effectively help you achieve those goals. From strategy to transformation, your journey is unique, so you deserve a technology solution that is tailored to you.


With decades of experience partnering with companies in the public, private, and financial industries, UDig brings a wealth of knowledge and cross-sector expertise to help you build your vision for the future and chart the best path to get you there. We can dig into your data and software to help you understand what you’re doing well, simplify what’s not working, and create an actionable plan and implementation to set your organization up for long-term success.



Technology is only as powerful as the
strategy that backs it.

You’ve built your company for lasting growth and value. So, the same thinking should guide your technology — and knowing how to drive your success is crucial. With a clear strategy leading your tech vision, you create purposeful action and powerful results.


Assessment & Roadmap

Solution Architecture

Business Process Analysis

Product Design & Definition


Business is ever-evolving — be the company
leading the way.

Today’s environment demands that companies optimize for tomorrow’s opportunities. Yet, they often rely on legacy technology and processes that drag down productivity and potential. Know which solutions have lasting value — and find ways you can innovate in a competitive market.  


Application Modernization

Intelligent Automation >

Cloud Migration

Monolith to Microservice


Build modern solutions that accelerate
how you work. 

Every business is unique. So the software you design should reflect your specific needs. From customized code to seamlessly integrated systems, build software for what makes your business tick — and know it can evolve as your goals shift. 


Application Development

Application Integration

UX/UI Design



Optimize your data to empower
your business.

These days, data is an inevitable output from how you work. Do you know the story your data’s telling you? By deepening your understanding and how it relates to your vision, you marry insights with action. This informed decision-making engineers value into your business backbone and leaves you better than ever.


Data Engineering

Data Platforms >

Advanced Analytics & Visualization

Data Governance