Modernized Website Improves Overall User Experience for a Large Homebuilder’s Mortgage Business

A company-wide modernization effort prompted our client, the mortgage arm of a large homebuilder, to update their public-facing website. The overhaul included new, important functionality previously not available to their customers online and a complete re-imagination of their user experience.



Redesign dated website to better accommodate user base.


Overhaul site to improve UX, meet varied needs of customers and leads, and mitigate operational inefficiencies within the business.


Redesigned site with secure portal; added functionality to access account information, process payments, manage loan documents and apply for a new loan.


The mortgage website used antiquated development frameworks and dated designs. Customers visiting the site were unable to fulfill basic needs and in general, the site delivered a poor user experience. Existing customers were unable to pay their mortgages online or access important information on their accounts because there was no portal through which they could log in. Prospective customers were unable to apply for a mortgage online and were instead directed to call in to the organization – a more time-consuming process for users, a deterrent for generating new leads and a costly resource requirement for the business. Additional issues stemmed from the website not adhering to ADA or 508 compliance requirements. 


Our Software Engineering team sought to modernize the overall experience for users and completed the redesign using Angular framework. Authentication was added to the site to allow customers to securely log-in and retrieve and manage account information. We worked with business stakeholders to understand and map the wide range of needs customers and leads sought to fulfill online, addressing both the obvious as well as the nuanced and unique scenarios. Workflows helped to identify the requirements for customers to process their mortgage payments online and to accommodate various pay schedules, structures and other complexities. We added functionality for online mortgage applications, simplifying the overall process and reducing the barriers of entry for applicants. This drove more online leads, alleviated operational inefficiencies and yielded cost savings through reducing the volume of calls coming into the organization. The site was redesigned to be mobile-friendly and compliant with ADA and 508 standards.  

How We Did It

Mobile Enablement
Application UI Design
User Experience

Tech Stack

  • Angular
  • json web tokens for authentication