Financial Services

Increase Quality and Speed to Market of Core Products for Point-of-Sale Financing Provider 

A large, point-of-sale finance organization engaged UDig to help lead and manage a significant application modernization effort for their core products. The two products represented both sides of the retail financing transaction – retailers and customers.  While the organization applied cuttingedge technologies in its decisioning system as a competitive advantage, its two customer-facing products were antiquated and needed to be modernized.     



Core products were built in large, monolithic applications causing performance issues impacting business growth. An offshore development team was leveraged to create the initial products and struggled with performance and quality modernizing the products.


Build business acumen through a cohesive team to inform modern architectural decisions. Create a flexible, scalable architecture with reusable patterns in microservices focusing on quality and speed. 


UDig provided a turnkey development team to modernize the legacy products, focusing on scalability, automation, and resiliency. The team solved both production issues and new feature development to keep pace with business growth.  


The original offshore partner built the core products as large, monolithic applications.  They frequently had production issues that impacted their ability to keep pace with business growth goals. Our customer needed a partner to build reusable patterns in microservices leveraging a modern architecture and technology stack.    


UDig provided a turnkey delivery team to modernize the products with a heavy focus on scalability, automation and resiliency. Our consultants worked closely with the customers leadership team to build domain knowledge and acumen around the business goals and apply those learnings to our delivery approach.  Using Agile methodologies, the group organized a backlog of features and built requirements to provide flexibility to changing business needs. Logs were aggregated into a scalable and searchable system, and platform monitoring was implemented to decrease time dedicated to production issues and increase time for feature development and resiliency. The applications were broken apart into microservices for easier management and scalability, and the technology stack was modernized to allow for automated pipelines and deployment.   

How We Did It

API Development
Application Modernization
Application UI Design
Platform Automation

Tech Stack

  • .NET Core 
  • Angular 
  • Go 
  • AWS Lambda