UDig Scavenger Hunt

Our team had such a fun time during our scavenger hunt we thought we would share some of our challenges. Enjoy!

Brewed for Success: At UDig, we are fueled by technology and caffeine, convince a barista to write UDig on a coffee cup and snap a picture with them.

Conga Crazy: The conga line is a Cuban novelty dance that became popular in the US in the 1930s-50s. Form your own conga line — +1 bonus for each stranger in your photo!

Animal Attraction: Walk a stranger’s dog

Football Follies: Teamwork makes the dream work! Snap a photo of your team in a huddle, football style, from the ground looking up.

High Five: Give a public servant a high five in appreciation of the work they do.

Kung Fu Fighting: Working in an office can sometimes feel like a street fight. Snap a photo of your team kung-fu fighting to train for the inevitable conflict.

Namaste!: Photo of at least two team members doing yoga somewhere “near water.”

Down on One Knee: UDig’s ownership team is married. Snap a photo of a team member proposing to a stranger.

Kick “Putt”: Golf is a favorite sport for many at UDig. Snap a photo of a team member “putting” with found objects.

Roller Coaster: Hold on tight! Workplace deadlines can feel like a roller coaster. Recreate your own roller coaster ride with your teammates.

Small Spaces: Sometimes working on a team means working in close proximity. Snap a photo of your team squeezed into a small space.

Ashe Me Again: Tennis great Arthur Ashe is from Richmond. Snap a photo of at least two team members playing tennis with found objects.

Value Authentic: We pride ourselves on being unique and bringing our different perspectives to problem solving. Using only yourselves, create the UDig logo and take a picture.

Water Hazzard: Snap a photo of at least two team members getting a little damp.