Improve your Accounts Payable Throughput by Over 30%

Does the following scenario sound familiar? A shared email box receives all vendor invoices. Someone from the team goes into that mailbox, sorts the emails and then forwards them to the team member responsible for processing that invoice. That person then detaches the invoice from the email, uploads it into a document repository, opens the document to enter it into your accounting system to match it to a purchase order and then goes through your payment process.  

This is a common scenario for the back office of many of our clients.   

  • Is it menial? Yes 
  • Is it time-consuming? Yes 
  • Does your team love doing this work? No 
  • Is your team looking for another opportunity inside or outside of the company?  Possibly 

We have to ask ourselves how do we retain our great people, improve their work experience, and increase efficiencies in the process? Is there a way to make this a win-win situation? The answer is a resounding YES! 

Intelligent Automation is the answer to streamlining this process. This is not a new technology, but we continue to find additional use cases to improve everyday operational business processes. We recently worked with a client to automate the business process above, resulting in over a 30% reduction in the accounts payable team’s hours in the initial invoice sorting process. Not only does removing these mundane tasks from the team improve their daily work experience, but it also frees them up to do more valuable tasks and respond more quickly to their vendor partners.   

Everyone deserves a digital assistant. This assistant can take over any of these consistent processes and allow your team to focus on only the things that are an exception. Better yet, focus on your clients and your important vendor relationships that might not get the attention they should now. I’m sure you’ve heard of or experienced some supply chain challenges over the last 18 months. Keeping quality suppliers is more important than ever to your success in today’s business landscape and can be a competitive advantage (ask any automotive industry manufacturer). 

UDig can help you understand what business processes, or parts of business processes, are great candidates for automation based on your specific return on investment criteria. There are efficiencies to be gained by all-size companies, and we provide solutions to those business challenges. 

Please get in touch with us for a consultation to see where we can help your business succeed through Intelligent Automation!