A Day in the Life of a UDig Project Manager

Ever wondered what a day in the life of one of our consultants was actually like? Not what you see on our website or anything like that, but a REAL account of what they’re up to. This series will give you all the details! 

Our “Day in the Life” subject is a Project Manager located in Richmond, VA. Here’s what a typical day looks like for him. 


In my wonderful world as a Client Services consultant, no day is ever the same, but I usually start my day sharpening the saw by reading about tech industry trends. My late mornings are dedicated to back-to-back agile stand up meetings with internal and client resources. This is where I learn what the operational side of my day will entail. “What barriers need removing?” “Who needs to be doing what and when?” Most importantly – “What can I do to help my team out?” 

Lunch Time 

I typically go out to eat because it’s hard to predict where I’ll be working on a day-by-day basis. I try to be good about inviting different people in the office to lunch so I can get to know everyone. Jack Brown’s is my favorite local spot, especially Fridays when they have their burger with Fritos on it.  


I like to break up my afternoon with a mean game of ping pong. After a few rounds, I settle back into my desk to grind and turn on my music. My music taste drastically varies from death metal to folk music to lo-fi hip hop. You never know what I might be listening to when you come to my desk.  

In my job I hold many different roles, sometimes I am a scrum master, project manager, business analyst, engagement manager or even therapist. A lot of this depends on where my business customer is in their software delivery lifecycle. I could be soliciting and documenting requirements for a new client, ushering a development team through feature development, writing or executing test cases, or helping a client go-live to production!  

I am currently working towards my PMP certification, as well as learning CSS and JavaScript, 

After Hours 

Recently, I purchased a mountain bike and have been testing out the James River Park System. Let’s just say I have learned the hard way to avoid the double black diamond trails. Whether I am mountain biking, rock climbing or playing disc golf I prefer to spend my evenings outdoors.